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Daily Painting 903# Hipster Giraffe

For high-res versions, WIP's and time-lapses, check out my Patreon :)…
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This is just self explanatory ain’t it
beastythedragonofart's avatar
yes yes  YES I LOVE THIS.
CaitKitten's avatar
That moment when THIS is you.
kavothefox's avatar
my face when im at starbucks 

nice drawing :)
Vogelfreie's avatar
Very awesome !!!
EvanTeuteberg's avatar
Why did the hipster giraffe burn his tongue?
Because he drank coffee before it was cool. 
BubbleGamer's avatar
XD HA! I get it.
CosmicJackalope's avatar
He's writing his screen play, about a misunderstood, intelligent giraffe that's just not understood by society. It's going to be made into an independent film.
little5ister9's avatar
this is one of my friends in IRL XD
jo07jo07's avatar
have to show this one to one of my freind who love girafe,,
ShadeyFern's avatar
i still cant get over of how cutttttteeeeee ur drawings are x3 DA FEELZ 
Head-First-Fearless's avatar
Awww! So AWESOME! Loving the Starbucks and The Apple Mac!
I bought from Toys R Us before it was cool!
CoastalWingull's avatar
The Ultimate Stereotype of Canadian Starbucks Employees. 
Loventer's avatar
I'd go to Starbucks more often if the hipsters looked this cool Wink/Razz 
14iv19's avatar
Ehehehe so cute! 
Conga-Heli's avatar
This is too mainstream
Hisscale's avatar
I'd say Imgur in a nutshell. :P
mcf's avatar
JetArt101's avatar
This is you in a nutshell, right?
Mackanga's avatar
Fff haha it's me xD
ughxav's avatar
Hipsteraffe. 030
Lightninging63's avatar
It's adorable and hilarious, especially with the derpy eyes and the long tongue just slurpin' up that coffee :p

And a 'Pear' brand laptop. Of course xD
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