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Daily Painting 851. Appa

For a time-lapse of this, plus a high-res and wip-sketch, check out my Patreon :)  

(Just a note to my patreons: I've got them ready right now but there's some kind of sever error going on: so it should be up in an hour or so) --working now!
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thanks for my childhood.
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I knew this day would come! APPA ATE MOMO!!
ArielShiny's avatar
<3 omg ^-^ luv it
4gr8kidz's avatar
Awwwwww! I love him! Good job!
ChaiBamboo's avatar
So adorable!!! =D Been watching the anime of Avatar: The Last Airbender and I love it. Your drawing is amazing! <3
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I adore this.
AvatarVyakara's avatar
Cool! He looks almost South American in style here (apologies if I offend any South Americans...).
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appa is so cute <3

once i went to like a pizza-game place and got a giant stuffed appa

when i got it i had no idea what he was or what he was from lol i just thought he was cute
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love appa!  too cute
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x3 hoorays!!!!!!!! I love me some Appa :D
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Awww how adorable :) 
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Хип-хип )
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APPAAA. I wanna hug him! <3
lemurkat's avatar
Awesome flying bison! HAve you drawn Momo yet?
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