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Daily Painting 766. Walrus

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I'm sure this is the cutest walrus I've ever seen :D Great work!
BlueBunni69's avatar
All it need now is a beret and a lab coat :iconjamiehynemanplz:
sierranurra12's avatar
i watch those guys some times.
BlueBunni69's avatar
Who doesn't like to watch Mythbusters :iconmythbustersplz:
sierranurra12's avatar
a world without mythbusters is a world i would not like to take part in
they are so funny but still science related. if my teacher, mr. Kensky, said to study, i would turn them on
BlueBunni69's avatar
Mythbusters,WHY YOU NOT MY SCIENCE TEACHERS! :iconwhyyounoplz:
sierranurra12's avatar
lol true. my science teacher is funny, but talks the subject to death.
he also kind of looks like walter white but slightly less manly.
BlueBunni69's avatar
♬ And that's how you make crystal meth♪ :iconwalterwhiteplz:
sierranurra12's avatar
this is funny because it caught me so off guard 
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Looks a little like Wally Walrus, get it?
Walrus: Hi there. Have you seen my bucket?
sonicthehedgehog777's avatar
loving the mustache dude 
puppetmasterr's avatar
//dying from the cause of 'HNNNGGGGGGGGGG'
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That is so cute, my eyes are falling off and I'm hugging the screen!
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This is quite possibly the most adorable walrus I have ever seen.
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This is so cute >u<
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 is so adorable:D (Big Grin) 
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this is so adorable
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Me:*rides on walrus' back* TAKE ME TO NARNIA!! 
Walrus:*falls over*
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