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Daily Paint #637. Turtlesaurus

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* Stand there and stare at this weird turtle thing*
" Hm...I expected it to be bigger."
Turtlesaurus blinks a few times.
*Kick it with my foot*
" Heh,not so tu-Owowowow!"
* Tutlesaurus lunges and bite's my nose*
*tugging on the little monster to come off.*
      5 minutes later.
I managed to pull the little monster off,slaming it to the ground.
* it hissed at me.*
" get out of here." 
* I kicked it with my foot sending t flying back into the water where it belonged.*
PurpleTourtise's avatar
Aylany's avatar
Oh I like it
Sergane's avatar
lol I like this one 
EmLiminator's avatar
So cute its a turtle mixed with a Dino! 
Dinoturtle-Rex's avatar
This is so cool!!!!
anti-hiatus's avatar
What. Why is this insanely charismatic creature not real?
Syahtrec's avatar
awesome ! >_<
JessieDrawz's avatar
Haha, I love this guy's expression. His looks so unamused.
TheEmmaLo's avatar
Lol this is adorable! I love the look on his face!
jacob-reddinger's avatar
Turtlesaurus... nice. Amazing work. :)
PlutoPup's avatar
Is the turtlesaurus from a movie or did you make it up?
It's also adorable! The look on his face :D
SunsetSovereign's avatar
The look on his face kills me!! I LOVE IT!!! :XD:
lovelyangel846's avatar
Whoa I love your avatar
cascadeninjawolf's avatar
Ha ha! Thanks! It's known as 'The Fuzz'...
lovelyangel846's avatar
welcomes it's a cute ball of vicious fluff lolz
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love it he looks so happy
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