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Daily Paint #622 - PAINT OVER FRAME - Black C.

Painted directly over a frame from the Disney film, The Black Cauldron (I love that movie!) Rose-tinted nostalgia glasses aside, I don't believe the film wasn't without flaws --but I feel like it had a lot of potential. Would be so cool if they remade it into a live action someday.

*Just to clarify. I'm not trying to improve upon the original --this exercise is just extremely useful to me since I sometimes have to do paint-overs ontop of flat 3D models for jobs.

Painting over frames was an idea that the concept artist Tyson Murphy started. It's really fun! (And he does it x1000 better than me, check out his stuff!)
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Whoa! The top one looks like it came straight out of Elena Of Avalor, because that's the style I'm familiar with from Disney!!
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wait a second. you painted over the image? You did not redraw it?
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This movie is too much like d&d
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Dungeons & dragons
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How do you get the lighting effect on the sword? And how do you do shadows?
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This movie is terrible. It doesn't fit the books at all. The books are amazing.
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The movie was good.
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To be fair, why does the top one look like it was a CG remake of the movie?
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It doesn't matter which is better!
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it would be so cool if the whole movie looked like the top pic :D 
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Holy shiiiz!
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One of my favorite dsney movies actually, glad to see it get some fanart love!
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I had this thought the other day that what if the Sword Taran found in the tomb of the dead King was actually Excalibur and that was King Arthur. I know how in the Legend it says that the sword was thrown back to the Lady of the Lake when Arthur had no use for it anymore, but what if he died before he could return it? Kings were often buried with their sword and armor and many other things, so what if he was too? So after King Arthur dies the kingdom falls into despair at the tragedy of it all and with no heir their is a vie for power among different rulers and dignitaries. Out of all of the fighting a great evil arises, The Black Cauldron, created by dark magic in favor of finding the most power king to take over. Because of the power of the Cauldron many great evils come from far and wide seeking it; wars start, there is blood shed, and the cauldron is lost for a great time. One of the evils happened to be The Great Horned King who was VERY powerful and triumphed over many. He later decided to reside in the abandoned castle after his conquest over the land in hopes of locating the Black Cauldron again to increase his power to continue his horrible reign for eternity. Unbeknownst to him of the great power that resided in the belly of the Camelot lost to time. So in turn does that mean that Taran was the reincarnation of the once and future king seeing as he could wield the sword? Or was a magical sword in a castle buried with a dead king just a coincidence? I for one think its a pretty plausible theory.
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Best childhood movie ever!!!
Good job on the painting. As for the movie I too wear those glasses. In my opinion the only problems with the book was they tried to combine 2 - 3 books from the series and then cram it all into one movie. That's where it went wrong. If they'd been patient they could have turned it into a big franchise. 
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Such a criminally underrated movie
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