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Daily Paint 2412. Water Bear

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Only my most favorite microscopic animal ever.  <3
Mistress-of-Mimicry's avatar

Aww, he looks so happy!

I actually love real tardigrades, they're adorable.

Sparklet-Rayne's avatar
How much water can it tread?
MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
Such a great one for summer, because of how water can keep you cool. The details and texture for it's fur and body works well here. I even like how their is a puddle of water that it is leaving behind. Makes me want one.
Kopanitsak's avatar
Arg! I want to hug it! :love:
MadMax007's avatar
Great job on this one!
Ashlynnii's avatar
If I were a tardigrade I'd move out from home
Why live in the shrubbery when you could have a throne?
Pressure wouldn't squash me and fire couldn't burn
These are the things that I never will learn~

- Tardigrade Song/Cosmo Sheldrake
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How do you keep finding puns on a daily basis to draw!

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Okay, that's adorable. ^^
salyssong's avatar
It's actually composed of vodka.
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Looks like a pokemon. Well done! :)
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Water-bear the Wet-Ursa pokemon
Type: Water/Fairy
Ability: Water Veil
Pokedex entry: "This pokemon is able to disappear the instant it enters into water.  It is recommended for anyone willing to make it their newfound pet to keep a mop handy since it never stops dripping water on the ground when it moves."
Catch rate: 45
Method of discovery: Surf
LifeDragon17's avatar
That is an amazing description!
DanomaruZenon's avatar
Would you catch one?  I'd rather not since I don't really feel like mopping up after it!
LifeDragon17's avatar
The only thing that stops me from catching it is the fact I don't really like bears!
426333's avatar
Yesss, a very nice tardigrade !
Straight from Pixar Studios !!!
Well done !
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