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Daily Paint 2359. Nachocobo

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WildbugWarrior1545's avatar
Looks like Shredder Jack (from Transformers BotBots) got a new steed! And it's nacho-themed, too!
TheBitchIsBack420's avatar
What's a chocobo? Is that another Pokemon?
RedKoyoteK's avatar
Final fantasy :3
TheBitchIsBack420's avatar
Yeah, I don't play that series.
RedKoyoteK's avatar
You should try it, it’s good :3
Slinkgirl95's avatar
What do you call cheese that is not yours? Nachocheese!
jungle-king's avatar
And what did the buffalo say to his kid before dropping him off at camp? Bye, son! (Like Bison)
Slinkgirl95's avatar
Oh, man, I've never heard that one. xD
bogidream's avatar
AWWWW It's so cute :3
delilah-says-hey's avatar
please sell a print of this :ooo i want to throw my money at you!!!
FrenziedUnicorn's avatar
She has a Patreon account, so maybe try it there? :D
Mikaja-chan's avatar
This little bird is just to cute to be eaten! cute 
MegaManSceptile's avatar
Now I'm hungry. XD
AstarothAnimations's avatar

cheesy little chocobo

ZeroLoveKimi's avatar
soooo cute!!!!!♥
KazuK9's avatar
LOVE this <3
StarWolfArts1990's avatar
So adorable!!!Love😍
glitchydemonfairy's avatar
Too cute for me to resist!!!!
qzar9999's avatar
sirvg's avatar
That's kweh-tastic.
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