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Daily Paint 2321. VHS Tapir

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Legend says that if you watch the VHS Tapir, you'll die in seven days.
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Omg ❤️ so cute
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It's funny because both are rapidly dying out
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*deep breath in* THE RING
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D'aaw! I like how the full-grown tapir is a movie with a higher age-rating, while the baby is a film for kids or maybe just a toy! ^w^
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Truly the face of evil
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I love how the adult tapir is the ring video Baku (which is a tapir like creature) do eat nightmares and that movie deff causes nightmares
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It has been a long time since I have used a VHS to watch something. This brings back memories of watching stuff on them. Liking how the smaller one is a cassette tape.
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A fan of horror movies I see ? :)))
Mini-gemini92's avatar
Nostalgia in a drawing <3 
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I get it "Tape-ir"
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This is great, always so clever!
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Now this creature concept I can get behind. VHS tapirs shall live forever.
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this is all i need
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Oh boi, the Ring XD Cute, but deadly.
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Everyone knows the tape is the ultimate method of watching stuff
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The little one has workout video on it.
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