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Daily Paint 2287. Goldfish Panning


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Haley-The-Coyote's avatar
I've gone panning for gold. It was fun, even though I didn't find any gold!
rebeccaryderofficial's avatar
the puns are killing me ;w;
WolfieJolfie's avatar
Jenkins McKee had come to California for riches and wealth. As it turns out, the real gold...... was friendship and kindness.
MothsandFrogs's avatar
I love this so much, they're so cute :')
Loadrien's avatar
I love them! :la:
tanasweet123's avatar
🎵 the snack that smiles back! 🎵 
RattleAndBolt's avatar
This is your best drawing yet!
levelupbuck5's avatar
Once again, better than Nemo. :)
PuffPirate's avatar
I love it, the whole feel of gold here is perfect!
Go2anime's avatar
$$ Cash city, those gold fish are solid gold. Or at least it's there scales are made of gold.
Complicada's avatar
¡El concepto es maravilloso!
Your creativity is worth gold.
Nika47777's avatar
Oh mah gold! They are beautiful! And they are adORable! (or: gold in french)
MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
It makes me want to eat some goldfish crackers. The effect of the water is well done. I like how one of the goldfish in the pan is smiling.
Burningblaster's avatar
To an angler, these are true treasure!
NevaSirenda's avatar
Hello happy little nuggets!
super cute! this would make a great creature collector game where you have to go and find mineral-animals around the world and trade for them
RedDead113's avatar
oh god oh fuck put them back in the water oh g
Volespirit's avatar
I’d take them from the river, but they’d die... would a fishbowl suffice?
TheChordate's avatar
Gotta get that gold! ^^
ChaosEmpress's avatar
OMG! So cute! I want one!
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