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Daily Paint 2184. Daffodile


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My dude, that's too adorable, my dude.

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I want one as a pet.
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Love the flowers :D
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I could see your creatures making a very diverse and lively eco system for a big open world game, like some sort of mix between Narnia, WOW, and Mario's various worlds. Like if they created a game that was a mix between Mario Oddysee, WOW, and maybe something like Skyrim but with an ecosystem more like Farcry's. Kind of reminds me of the punny creatures from wonderland. 
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Ah little babies.❤️
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You do such a good job of combining thing most people would never think to combine.
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So you thought we'd like pictures of daffodils and cute crocodiles so you went and painted a picture
of tiny cute crocodiles, with tiny daffodils on their heads, riding on a big cute mama crocodile with daffodils on a
field of daffodils so that there's now a picture of a cute daffodile on a field of daffodils with tiny cute baby daffodiles ... xD
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The Cutest thing ever!!! and Crocodiles terrify me....but this is awesome!
Fruty467's avatar
Fluffy, very Fluffy.
Fishypaste's avatar
This is one of the cutest things I have seen in a long time.
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Ha ha, that's oddly cute.
KittyOwen's avatar
This is so cute!
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