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Daily Paint 2047# Koalatea

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This is some real "koalatea" artwork~!!! ehehe
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very adorable and just like the creature in my backyard (yes i’m australian but i don’t have one in my backyard it’s just something us australians say but i do get a lot of possums)
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some quality koalatea
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so cute!!! :3  Markiplier Hot Damn You're Cute! HuniePop #3 {F2U} - Napping Sans pixel icon :3 
As long as it's not strained.  The koalatea of Mercy is NOT STRAINED! :D
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I love the artsy detail in the teacup and the swirls on the ears and nose! Very cute and creative. 
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yes. its so flippin cute. i give it: bread cat bread cat bread cat bread cat bread cat / bread cat bread cat bread cat bread cat bread cat kitty toasts. kitty toasts: Stars but in kitty votes
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Adorable, thank you!
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Looks like the koala's spending some koalatea time with that teacup. X3
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Some Quality content here.
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Aww, his little tongue. ^_^
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Adorabubble! Heart 
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I have to say that this is some top notch 'koalatea' art right here

(Really though, this is absolutely beautiful!! And so so adorable!!! Just like so many of your other pieces X) Thank you so much for posting on this site!! It's always a pleasure to see your work!!!!)
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It looks so cute and I love the design of the tea cup. Even adding those leaves on top is wonderful. Nice work.
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