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Daily Paint 2009# New Pokemon Leek!

For context: there are a lot of fake Pokemon leaks that have been flooding the internet.

But these are totally real. My dad works at Nintendo *cough* 

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its the best friend of farfetch. :D

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This may be the stupidest pun ever, but you really managed to make the cutest design out of it. You made a leek creature cute. And I hate leeks.
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Okay but I would choose that as a starter
Scourgethedestron's avatar
Yeah like i'm gonna believe that ''dad works at Nintendo'' thing. But this is a amazing design and I like it.
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I may be viewing your cryptids in reverse order, but I love them! ^_^ They are very clever, and 'punny'.
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I could see ALL your creations as pokemon.
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He's like a more advanced version of Chikorita!!! So cute!!!!
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Wished it was real so bad.... Why you do this...?
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my question.  How well does this pokemon get along with Farfetch'd?
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I'm trying to make a Pokemon fangame and I can't make anything like this... How do you think of these, I need your skillssssssss. I would've had something adorable like this immediately in the game (if I was any god at thinking of stuff....)
don't tell me it evolves into Fennel Fox
thinking sphere illuminati intensifies 
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This is adorable omg

Though I hope the leaks mentioned are not for the new games cause if so, I sure hope people have caught on that Lets go is not a new game :iconimsotiredplz:
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This looks so cute!!!!!!!!!!! I love the design!!!
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Name: Leekit (leek+kit)
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That's actually awesome ^_^
If they put that in the new pokemon game I'd want to catch one hehe
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This is such a cute one! :) Like the eyes and the bunny butt :)
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So cute!! I am surprised they have not started taking ideas from food since the last generation has sandcastles.
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