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Daily Paint 1876# Mirroar

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Very nice. Check this out
NIMBUS185's avatar
you have made my day
Jadon308's avatar
Are the lion’s hind legs floating?
YeetStarBee's avatar
This fills me with happiness.
dawnoftheages's avatar
omfg. My cat in a nutshell.
Straubeewwyowange's avatar
XD cute little cat 😼🖱🦁
chocodeamon's avatar
wow is very very good i love is my favorite draw 
ValoriePratley's avatar
Aww, I think that's what my cat sees when he looks in the mirror.
Emyl-Eikenaar's avatar
hahahaha cool! It kinda reminds me of this kids book titled "just like my daddy", about this lion cub who adores his father, except his father is a bit of a lost cause... 
Lone-Wolf-of-Shadow's avatar
What matters most is how you see yourself
doggodepresso's avatar
For some odd reason this reminds me of the lion king. 
Primal171's avatar
Doesn’t this seem like narcissism?
littlecupcake5's avatar
I just love that cats face! It's just like "MERRRRR!!".
lancelobato's avatar
haha! amazingly cute.
williewildcat's avatar
YES!!!!  My cats think they look like this!!!!
toybonniegurl's avatar
That is 100 Percent %% Emoji me lol  
Peacefulmomoman's avatar
If this isn’t a symbol of pride, then this is just a symbol of adorableness!
CrystalHeartTwolf's avatar
OMG I love your artwork, so cute!!!
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