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Daily Paint 1873# Rhine-oceros

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madwriter's avatar
Aww, he looks so happy. XD
This may be my spirit animal!!
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Rambi was never the same after he took up Bedazzlin'.
outlaw393's avatar
Rhinestone-oceros? :D
IllyDragonfly's avatar
Now I got why they are almost extinguished, poor babies. XD
AvocadoAfro's avatar
IT took me a minute to understand this one ^^;
CrimsonWidow20's avatar
You should work for Gamefreak/Nintendo.
Dark-Anmut's avatar
I decided to go through and state the puns/meanings behind all of these, even if they're obvious sometimes. Sorry if this ruins it for anyone no like, no readey. I just love this artwork, it gives me the warm fuzzies and is so very clever!

From the words 'rhinoceros' and 'rhinestones' (those gem thingies that you stick onto clothes or make fake jewellery out of).
SwordTiger8888's avatar
Luli34678's avatar
Now the glamour is with our dear friends the rinocerants XD
Dan - Pissed Off YOU BEDAZZLED MY RHINO!!!!!! I'LL END YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
They are very glamorous and beautiful! 
VenyGamer's avatar
-The Cave-

Me: Ready for to mine!
*Goes to a cave*
Me: oh Emeralds,Crystals????!!! WOW Let me take them!!
*brings out Pickaxe*
*hits the Rhine-Oceros Skin with pickaxe*
Me:why isn't it work??
*The Rhine-Oceros Wake*
*Veny [Me] Runs Away form the cave chased by Rhine-Oceros*

MutouYuugiAiboufan's avatar
At least she doesn't having all of those gems on her. All of the different sizes and colors of the gems are wonderful. I like that the end of it's tail is a gemstone. Nice work.
SpOopyLOry's avatar
the detail on the gems are fenominal! uh i think i wrote that wrong
Wyvern-1's avatar
It's spelled "phenomenal," but don't worry about that. Your feelings got across just fine! ^_^
SpOopyLOry's avatar
oh thank you for understanding i will be sure to watch you phenomenal art pieces
Wyvern-1's avatar
Um, I'm...not the artist. Just a passerby, ahaha. ^_^
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