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Daily Paint 1872# Toucanine

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Qiblilover's avatar juts wow

Toucandroid's avatar
I like the swirl on the beak
LongHairedLioness's avatar
It's a tropical gryphon
Typical-Ukraine's avatar
What's next? Toucannon? Oh wait, that's a pokemon.
DragonFireAML's avatar
Who needs a pet Griffon when u have this lil' buddy ready to play.
And maybe defeat others in epic battles.
TamatoaaLily's avatar
Which shops sell them
ChiChiDoesStuff's avatar
Amazing! My favourite Work from you!
Sup3rArt's avatar
Would I be able to make a character that's like this?! O.O
KittyKatGamer1013's avatar
Scientists need to make this an adorable real life hybrid..... oh wait did they already? Idk
whovianfangirl23's avatar
KrazDraws's avatar
I want one, if these were plushies or if they were real I'd buy one instantly. Love it!!
Dreamer328's avatar
This is cute! Well done. :)
Eevee2dark's avatar
OMG So cute!!!X3 Instant +fav 
nightqueen2003's avatar
OMG this picture is sooooooooo cute and I love it so much whoever made it keep on the great work 😍😍😍😍
turquoiis's avatar
I'd love to have one as a pet.
LeviaStar237's avatar
So cute and adorable! I know that's the same thing, but-- Oh, my heart! :heart:w:heart:
stellermations's avatar
aww man i wanna make an oc of this can i ill give you proper credit
VolcanoNinja's avatar
Looks like I am not alone when I saw this and thought POKEMON! XD
Mooniinq's avatar
ack i want one of these ;w;
K4nK4n's avatar
This is too adorable for words.Heart Heart Heart Heart I was so hoping that Nintendo would give us a baby gryphon Pokemon that acts like a puppy (like this) but instead they gave us Iwanko and Type : Null. I love Iwanko, though.
Legacy-Galaxy's avatar
Do Malaysians buy their games in Japanese?

Where I come from, we call these Rockruffs.
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