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Daily Paint 1866# Pup-Pourri

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 aw, what a cute dog.
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every one im really sry about the post comment at the bottom its not true some one scared me into posting it on here and im going to try and delete it, im really sry ;-;, its a hidden comment kow so if you end up reading them its oke its not true
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wuhwuhwuh..... 030
nuuuuuu63's avatar
pork im really sry i posted that comment on there i thought that it was real and i just didnt wanna die lol .3. but foxne told me its not true im really sry i overreacted i was just terrified ;-;
PorkchopCorgi's avatar
Jesus Christ. Spam much?
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im sry someone said if i didnt post that on there something would happen to me thats why i have a acount now ;-;
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Those aren't real, really. Comments like those have existed ever since I was first browsing around DA. I've probably read a hundred of them by now, and I haven't died yet, so... Don't worry, alright? They're just spam comments to try and scare people. :) Have a good day! (And welcome to DeviantArt.)
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oh thank goodness you dont know how happy a am to here this because i was terrified and couldnt get any rest, thank you so much and i hope your day is good too Meow :3 
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before i learned what it was i thought it was..

a refrence to..

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I decided to go through and state the puns/meanings behind all of these, even if they're obvious sometimes. Sorry if this ruins it for anyone no like, no readey. I just love this artwork, it gives me the warm fuzzies and is so very clever!

From the word 'potpourri', which is a mixture of dried flowers and other dried fragrant plant materials.
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It's a beautiful dog!
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is it weard that i want to hug that
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This is cute! Well done. :)
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....Alolan Poochyena? xD
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