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Daily Paint 1844# Catamari

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I lup da fish its halar

Qiblilover's avatar

Lol hilarious not halar

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thats so kawaii!!!
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Awwwww! So cu- you hear that?

*DU-DU-DU-DU-DU-DU, DU-DU-DU........"



oh no.
                       Katamari Damacy - The Prince Icon 
Dany loves Katamari Dany loves Katamari Dany loves Katamari Dany loves Katamari Dany loves Katamari 
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Someone beat me to it. XD
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That fish do.. Pikachu Piff Plz Grey Kit Emoticon-Lmfao XD
PickaPluckofCherries's avatar
Katamari Demasi next? Cat using a giant yarn ball to recreate stars?
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I want it. I would be less scared of the water.
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the catamari is closely related to the octopuss
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Nice save there, man. XD
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Yes... Just... Yes..
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NOW I see why the OctoPUS is called that.
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The fish’s face made my day xD
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I decided to go through and state the puns/meanings behind all of these, even if they're obvious sometimes. Sorry if this ruins it for anyone no like, no readey. I just love this artwork, it gives me the warm fuzzies and is so very clever!

From the words 'cat' and 'calamari' (a dish made of crumbed squid).
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I'm in love with this
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That fish's face is the summary of my life.
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This is one of my favorite Daily Paints you have made!
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