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Daily Paint 1802# Graaaains

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Has anyone made a Night of the Living Bread pun yet?
Chazpelo's avatar
This art got me into your daily paint series.
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Powered by Homestar Runner's Bread Sing-alongs (Halloween edition) - Get them while they're hot!…
Zombie bread is such a goofy combo, I love it. The loaf munching on the other is great.
Kira-Kuraii's avatar
Someone copied your art
Bread drawing :3 by NICONICONIIGURL
Firestarforever12364's avatar
What the Breadwinners fear are.
MarioKrabz's avatar
PLs tell me that they wont taek my garlICK brEAD
Sidurii's avatar
more like PAIN amiright
Jotachu's avatar
what would happen if it was garlic bread?
XLivixal-FantasyX's avatar
Then it would SUCK to be them if they were vampire bread! :D
Mdwyer5's avatar
this calls for experimentation
Chwen-Hoou's avatar
When bread goes bad, you throw it away.

When bread goes zombie, get the shotgun! o_o

Awesome job on this one.
madwriter's avatar
I love the one crawling away. ^_^
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Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U Grains, grains, I won’t lie. I’ll eat their grains till they’re zombifyed. Sure they might think it’s deranged, well they won’t give it a thought after i’ve Eaten their grains. Music Note Bullet (Black) - F2U 
XLivixal-FantasyX's avatar
Billy & Mandy reference? :3
Kordyne's avatar
Oh crap, it's The Walking Bread! :noes:

I'm sorry, I couldn't resist :giggle:
Mdwyer5's avatar
no one resists
BrookEmber's avatar
Omg good one! :D (Big Grin) 
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