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Daily Paint 1779# Python Coder

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OddDoggo123's avatar
Me trying to make a game
DiamondtheBeta's avatar
the cutest sneaky snek i have ever seen (along with the others)
human-groveback's avatar
As a ZDoom modder who uses DECORATE & ACS a lot, I can relate.
SuperArtMaxim's avatar
Heh, more like PythOFF, am I right?
SanityIsNotKey's avatar
A python coding in python, lol
eekee's avatar
I thought Python was great when I started with it, but pretty soon my face looked like that. XD It's strange, the more 'helpful' the language, the more it gets in the way.
Tenebra-Fengari's avatar
I know this is an old comment, but, that's a TOTAL mood. Especially when it comes to Python :XD:.
wonderlocsz2017's avatar
Thats me animating XD
GabyCoutino's avatar
Debe ser muy difícil dar ctrl+Alt+Sup para él... Es adorable de todas formas 
Gretsch1962's avatar
#This is a comment in the comment section

def main():
    print("Your argument is invalid")

pinturaluil's avatar
Great gallery:clap: Bravo!
Greninja12Snakeman's avatar
I love snakes. Can I use this picture for my profile?
PerseusSpartacus's avatar
Oh look, it's me! :D (Big Grin) 
madwriter's avatar
Ah, frustration. XD
PikaoH100's avatar
Can this be my pet? :p
CobraCatDragon2898's avatar
The best coder out there!
Warehouse34's avatar
I showed this to my AP Computer Science teacher and he showed it to the class because we are actually working on Python coding in class!
BuffArm's avatar
Clever. Very clever. Well done.
SazumimaruAzuma's avatar
I'm interpretering the smoke (or rather steam) above his head as if he's burned out from all the hard work which i think is funny because he's suposed to be cold blooded :3
SkiffleTheVolflock's avatar
Hahaha))) Nice one)))
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