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Daily Paint #1243. Axe-lotl


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ZafiBr's avatar
this could be a pokemon
ShelbyQuino's avatar
My favorite so far!
unkindledphoenix's avatar
he really is a weapon of cuteness
BLITZandBLAZE's avatar
I want to hug it so badly! Please someone make this real!
whitewolfy321's avatar
i need that as a pet! AW
trinson's avatar
Look out Agislash.  Here comes Axe-lotl the next pokemon weapon.  :D  So cute.  Like what a lot of other people are saying.  I could definitely see this in Pokemon Sun/Moon.  It could be Fairy/Steel.  :D
BLITZandBLAZE's avatar
What if this was real?
That would be awesome!
JNRedmon's avatar
Ok, that's just plain awesome.
Riptide86's avatar
I thought of the starbound race the moment I saw the title.

Its still really cute.
Latte-Monara's avatar
Who else thinks this little sweet/adorable/cute Creature looks like an Pokemon xD :D
Latte-Monara's avatar
So cute and adorable the little one :D
LinkedWolf's avatar
Aww!! I love these things!! :D 
Tripsea's avatar
omg finally someone using axolotl instead of mudpuppy 
BloodShedRed's avatar
SO. CUTE. IT. HURTS.  I love the color scheme on this little cutie.  :heart:
Pauly-chan's avatar
oh is beatifull i loveb :love:
repurplow's avatar
please more axolotl art omg please
Fat-Butt's avatar
Bill Cipher Emoticon Speech Bubble - Left speaker 1 Nruter yam I taht srewop tneicna eht ekovni I! Nrub ot emoc sah emit ym, L-T-O-L-X-A!Speech Bubble - Left speaker 2 
Finnsauce's avatar
My time has come to burn. I invoke the ancient powers that I may return!
Fat-Butt's avatar
Hey, you actually got that! Neat.
AderynTheArtist's avatar
Guys. I have to 'axe' you a question. The question is.... Dogs, or greater dogs?...
Ticci-Illy-Rogers's avatar
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