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Daily Paint #1196. CrabApples

_(...I just accidentally posted this as 'CrapApples' on twitter. Good job, Piper...)


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Kleptomaniacoons's avatar
Mother CrabApple is protective of her children.
Ashen-Phoenix's avatar
I approve of this beautifully terrible pun. Bless you.
LinkedWolf's avatar
XD It's a crabby Apple. 
My gran, with wrinkled smile and wink
And twinkle in her eye,
Once asked me: "Dear, what do you think
To this fresh apple pie?

"These apples are a
special kind;
crabapples, and... well, 
Just lean in, dearie, I don't mind, 
And have yourself a smell!" 

And so I leaned where steam arose
To breathe aroma rich.
A sudden claw cut off my nose.

My granny was a bitch. 
StormStrikeElectric's avatar
I know this comment is a bit over a month old, but still.... This made my day! XD
TitaniumDragon's avatar
These are glorious.
peyriversdrawings's avatar
Jeez this is adorable!La la la la La la la la La la la la 
Skyilere's avatar
Lol CrapApples tho
BriMerry's avatar
Great and beautiful
rosefang16's avatar
this is my favorite
AwesomeAartvark's avatar
Oooh, very cool! I love the way you did the mouth!
Luli34678's avatar
Favorite pet of Ms Krabs
N3O-A1PHA's avatar
that one looks a bit craby
Mariano-Paz's avatar
Alcithata's avatar
kkkkk nice amazing
NihilisticWaffles's avatar
Oh my goodness. How do you keep thinking these things up? :laughing:
DTJB's avatar
Ha ha ha ha.
PrannyPandaBunny's avatar
I just ate crab for dinner.........
(feels the guilt)
What have I done... What have I done... 
INeedMyDownTime's avatar
*pats your back to comfort you*
littlewhiskerpaws's avatar
the mothers like ''don't eat my beautiful babies!''
Hotstream's avatar
that's F*cking beautiful
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