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Daily Paint #1171. Koala Pear


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Omg so cute WHAT a CUTE idea! A "Koala Pear". LOL. Magnifying Glass I like how you gave it leaves for ears, by the way.
ThunderGirl45's avatar
Do parrot/pear! (pearot) if you haven't already
BlackButterfly4's avatar
This is the cutest pear I ever seen :Pineapple la:  , even though I don't get people saying koalas being "cute" 
thefrozenlover's avatar
melcatt's avatar
i don't like pears, but this is COOOOOOOOT! Adorable Girl Anime Emoji (Heart Dance) [V6] 
Retro-Death's avatar
Haha, this one is the best! XD
AwesomeAartvark's avatar
Haha, nice! I love the leaf ears!
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Ice-Cream + Emus = Ice Creamus (pronounced ICE CREAM YOOS ;p)
Tasmanian Devil + Devil's Food Cake = Tasmanian Devil's Food Cake
Kangaroo + Rhubarb = Kangarhubarb
Fruit Platter + Platypus = Fruit Platterpus
Echidna + Apples = Echidnapples (Would go really well with Porcupine Apples)
Paladin + Dingo = Paladingo (Dunno 'bout this last one ^^;)
w-h-i-s-p-a's avatar
Oh my I love these! Do you mind if I borrow some of your ideas?
CuzImCoolBro's avatar
Okay, that is adorable.
Luli34678's avatar
And if it does not achieve pear, it will fly into an unspeakable rage.
Stark-Ice's avatar
kyootness overload :D
waaah is too cute! *_*
so many of your punny pics make me laugh, it is hard to choose favourites,
Mewnna-Caythin's avatar
XxBattleLionessxX's avatar
The most adorable pun ever :')
Pozem's avatar
Is there a drop pear.
skhaiwhaelz's avatar
EEEEEEEEEE! This! :iconomgsocuteplz:
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