Daily Paint #1038. Winter Sea-Dragon
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Daily Paint #1036. Spring Sea-Dragon by Cryptid-CreationsDaily Paint #1024. Autumn Sea-Dragon by Cryptid-CreationsDaily Paint #1037. Summer Sea-Dragon by Cryptid-Creations

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VioletsAndCheerios's avatar
VioletsAndCheerios|Hobbyist General Artist
Love the snow texture!
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WickerWyrm's avatar
WickerWyrm|Professional Filmographer
That is a truly beautiful design for a sea dragon :heart: I love the texture you've given it!
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bagozago's avatar
bagozago|Hobbyist Digital Artist
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HorsesIlove's avatar
This is so cool! The artwork is very different, but it unique in a way that creates a certain light, a light you want to see more of. This is great artwork! Love all the season sea-dragons!
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Pelidus's avatar
Pelidus|Hobbyist General Artist
Me maravilla por el hecho de que existen caballitos de mar capaces de camuflarse y parecer una alga o un trozo de roca.
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goosetooth's avatar
goosetooth|Hobbyist General Artist
This is my favorite out of the four season sea dragons <3
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EveeLover's avatar
beautiful, they are all beautiful! one of my favorite animals
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imadmagician's avatar
The coniferous leaves and wood on this one are sublime, very fitting since those kinds of trees keep their leaves in winter! Wonderful job!
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ArseneCliff's avatar
So beautiful !!
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silveycat's avatar
silveycat|Professional Artist
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BubbleGumDum's avatar
BubbleGumDum|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is great! Mind if I ask what program you use?
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Vexi220's avatar
Vexi220|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wow, You have got big talent! To make something cool.... but from tree??? Wow Clap 
Awesome I am a dummy! 
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Luli34678's avatar
Luli34678|Hobbyist General Artist
Daww, is very cute
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Shinytheblossom's avatar
Shinytheblossom|Hobbyist General Artist
This is cool!
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Konsumo's avatar
Konsumo|Hobbyist General Artist
A beautiful piece, nice use of colors and a very gentle approach regarding posture and general tone of the picture. I really like it
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BD-Crafters's avatar
BD-Crafters|Hobbyist General Artist
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Konsumo's avatar
Konsumo|Hobbyist General Artist
Please don't post such garbage.
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YuzaiNo|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
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CreativeCheetah's avatar
CreativeCheetah|Student Digital Artist
this is beautiful!
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Roxalew's avatar
Roxalew|Hobbyist Digital Artist
OMFG! <3 how cute ^^
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ask-all-fnaf-crew's avatar
ask-all-fnaf-crew|Hobbyist General Artist
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Echosoundangel's avatar
Echosoundangel|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, absolutely gorgeous. It looks so calm and quiet.
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choshow's avatar
I love how it looks like it is sleeping like hibernation through winter
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