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Daily 1330. Koalified

Not to imply anything political ofc!

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questicuddleXD's avatar
that sounds like a tv show : you just got Koalafied!!!!
OldNickelodeonLover's avatar
It looks like a plate of oatmeal, but...
LoopyCat1987's avatar
Lol so me. Tigers and coffee don't mix. Especially in cubicles.
fotomademoiselle's avatar
CherishKay This reminds me of you XDD
CherishKay's avatar
aww, so cute...the Koala is messy like me :heart:
Qtowncrazy12's avatar
He he he has an Australian flag on his cup
Ravenhoof's avatar
And his name is Sydney.
Zanysword's avatar
I never even seen this one before! I love koalas~ 
CuzImCoolBro's avatar
You do not look qualified, sir. Although you are most certainly koalified.
BriMerry's avatar
Good job here!
anime1999's avatar
Luli34678's avatar
Guilthas's avatar
Roadkill333's avatar
The face texture is ABSENCE OF MIND. 
enter741002's avatar
How innocent face~
Hana-Tanaka's avatar
omg so cute! >w<
I love Koalas! 
Tnynfox's avatar
Like Zootopia replaced the sloths.
Pikarie's avatar
It look like the chair has a yellowish brain exposed hahaha!
Kirbytails22's avatar
Whether or not the information is koalified is irelephant to me.
Miasmatique's avatar
his face tho. "shite."
AutumnTheHybrid's avatar
Request, if you take them, what about a snapdragon a flower with a dragon head or something like that???
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