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Daily 1318. Charmander/ Charmeleon/ Charizard


DAY 437. Charmander Line by Cryptid-Creations <--- Old version //  Previous Pokemon --->  Daily 1316. Bulbasaur/ Ivysaur/ Venusaur by Cryptid-Creations

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make one picture of the Psyduckpokemon gif Psyduck 
Charmander is just an adorable little dumpling!
Theflamingrose1's avatar
i think charmander is aborableLove, charmeleon is cool:happybounce:, and charizard is totally BADASSHeadbang!   
keiibo's avatar
doesn't charizard here remind anyone of charizard Y? :>
M1m1kyu's avatar
Oof I know this was an old comment but it totally does
Way better design than the original! XD
babygirlinwonderland's avatar
ahh lil Charmander is so adorable here :love:
Jioseph-superfan63's avatar
They're so cartoony and realistic!
Charizard is my fav!
JennyFoxLee's avatar
What an amazing work!
TheNidorino's avatar
The little wings on the back of all of them are really cute!
PokeTrainer200's avatar
Charmander is so cute ^^
hayliffe18's avatar
Mega Evolutions?
Jojiro-kun's avatar
Did you do something clever with these guys or did you focus on cute factor? 
GriffinPhillis's avatar
Aaah, one of my favorite Pokemon~ :'D
Go dragooons! :dummy:
LeDaverix's avatar
hihi,... so great...   the new Versions are even better then the old ones, and they were great :D
cattoo158's avatar
I love your way of drawing them!
leontinees's avatar
Neither Charmander nor Charmeleon have wings at all, but... this is so cute that I forgive this little mistake :D
hlavco's avatar
In the thumbnail I thought they were Buizel, Floatzel, and a made-up third stage.
byIcebear's avatar
The second and third one look so grumpy XD
DuneTheZangoose's avatar
Oh wow, I just totally love your style you have used for this piece XD so cute
WildFireTMC's avatar
Cuuuuttteee! 😍😍😍 Awesome job!😄
Carol-Deungaro's avatar
BEautiful.... I wanna cry
ChillyAvalanche's avatar
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