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3113. Hedgehugs


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How can I contact Cryptid Creations? 

Send a message to

Can I use one of Cryptid Creations' painting’s/ idea for a project? (personal, commercial, D&D, fakemons, OC’s, adoptables…)

A much as we hate being sticklers, we at Cryptid Creations have to say no in most cases. The looser we are about our intellectual property, the more likely it is to be abused, even if you have good intent. With that being said, we are open to talks concerning licensing. Feel free to reach out to our contact department at

Can I make a 3D model of this artwork?

We're sorry to say that as of March 2021, Cryptid Creations has altered it's policy and no longer permits 3D recreations of it's IP. We are flattered to receive these requests by 3D modelers, but as we are moving into creating 3D models ourselves, we cannot afford the conflict of interest.

What tools were used to create artwork?

Our studio uses Adobe Photoshop CC and and a Cintiq 22HD
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cute little guy but I might get hurt if i hug him

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here a hugs <3 :)

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Cutie , i want to hug u so bad(~‾▿‾)~

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can i get a hug? i dont care if i get some pins in my face!

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there's a festival in germany called "japantag" where creatures like this are on the run all day long^^ it's like alice in wonderland in the middle of the city^^

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Ever the optimist. We can use some friendly hedgehugs in these trying times.

Day 1445. Free Hedgehugs
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Just remember to hug with caution, as from experience from someone who owned a hedgie. xD

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Even knowing the pain I would hug him all the time. :heart::la:

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This is sooo precious!! The stylization is amazing and im such a huge fan of hedgehogs :3

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Even if Hedgehog spines couldn't lay flat...

A hug should only hurt you if you're wrapping your arms around the Hedgehog.

Ya know, if we're talking about the imaginary position of similar size scales.

Otherwise, I imagine it's kinda like holding a section of a Bed of Nails...

Pokey, so long as you're not pressing on the points to hard.

It's not like Porcupine Quills, which are made to not only stick in & be hard to pull out.

But also can start working their way INTO the body!

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What a dirty trick

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