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3060. Chihuahuaberus - Illustration

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PREVIEW FILE - NOT FOR PRINTING [Illustration] Cac by Cryptid-Creations 

Cacao Dragon" now available as a 9x12 print…

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How can I contact Cryptid Creations? 

Send a message to

Can I use one of Cryptid Creations' painting’s/ idea for a project? (personal, commercial, D&D, fakemons, OC’s, adoptables…)

A much as we hate being sticklers, we at Cryptid Creations have to say no in most cases. The looser we are about our intellectual property, the more likely it is to be abused, even if you have good intent. With that being said, we are open to talks concerning licensing. Feel free to reach out to our contact department at

Can I make a 3D model of this artwork?

We're sorry to say that as of March 2021, Cryptid Creations has altered it's policy and no longer permits 3D recreations of it's IP. We are flattered to receive these requests by 3D modelers, but as we are moving into creating 3D models ourselves, we cannot afford the conflict of interest.

What tools were used to create artwork?

Our studio uses Adobe Photoshop CC and and a Cintiq 22HD
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FluffleWarrior44's avatar

This is the scariest depiction of Cerberus that exists out there •_•

CloudGurrl101's avatar

The smaller the dog, the more feisty it isXD Chihuahuas are one of the most aggressive dog breeds I ever met.

BakedTate's avatar

I am ded of laughter and cuteness right now

TommyCatson's avatar
I have a chihuahua in my house. He’s only aggressive when an unwilling dog in my house gets closer to him and/or tries to take his food.
CiTVNostalgia1998's avatar

That one guy in every group be like...

NickFishingRod's avatar
*insert hydra meme*
NaokoElric2250's avatar

Urgh, they are horrible wee things. Cerberus is a good boy. He did not deserve this cruel transplant.

NevaSirenda's avatar

Now that IS scary! Few things in the world nastier or more aggressive than a chihuahua!

BenignParacusia's avatar

The middle head is the one you need to watch out for. The other two are the goodests of the boys

DiamondsAndRoses's avatar

This kind of reminds me of Cerberus from "The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy" (one of the heads was a poodle).

LittleBigWorm's avatar

The other 2 dogs are all like... BOI

crimsongrain's avatar

they're so annoyed by their brother.

shinragod's avatar

the middle head seems to have a Napoleon complex x3

ackbarfan5556's avatar

Hey! I was the 1000th favorite!

Scyphi's avatar

Guess that's what you get for mixed breeding your three-headed dog...

SonicbolttheLatios's avatar

Watch out for that middle head... He's a biter...

longestdistance's avatar

It's not the size of the dog in the fight, it's the size of the fight in the dog.

YurixTheWanderer's avatar

If I remember, you have to tame the middle head to tame the Cerberus. Hmm... Wonder how that'll happen with this one.

undrskore's avatar
Head one: why did Jerry have to be a chihuahua.
Head: three: idk, why does he share a body with us.
Jerry: (unholy demon screeching)
SoggyToast101's avatar

Even pit bulls are more chill than chihuahuas lol.

blueoctahedron's avatar
The one in the middle
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