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3051. Sea Cow - Word Play

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PREVIEW FILE - NOT FOR PRINTING [Illustration] Cac by Cryptid-Creations 

Cacao Dragon" now available as a 9x12 print…

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How can I contact Cryptid Creations? 

Send a message to

Can I use one of Cryptid Creations' painting’s/ idea for a project? (personal, commercial, D&D, fakemons, OC’s, adoptables…)

A much as we hate being sticklers, we at Cryptid Creations have to say no in most cases. The looser we are about our intellectual property, the more likely it is to be abused, even if you have good intent. With that being said, we are open to talks concerning licensing. Feel free to reach out to our contact department at

Can I make a 3D model of this artwork?

We're sorry to say that as of March 2021, Cryptid Creations has altered it's policy and no longer permits 3D recreations of it's IP. We are flattered to receive these requests by 3D modelers, but as we are moving into creating 3D models ourselves, we cannot afford the conflict of interest.

What tools were used to create artwork?

Our studio uses Adobe Photoshop CC and and a Cintiq 22HD
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Look at these beautiful creatures!
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So cute! Love the colors.
Sea cows???? What the fuck.
In reality there is a animal that it’s nickname is sea cows and the animal’s name is Manatee and it lives in: the Caribbean Sea, the Gulf of Mexico, the Amazon Basin, and in West Africa. And I saw one in real life on the water in San Juan ( yes I am puertorican pls don’t hate me) and I saw it when I was canoeing with my aunt. And also the manatee is a herbivore.
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Aww sea cows sleep in barn-acles

Awww cuteee cię *.*

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Symbiotic plant life
FunnerCreature's avatar

This is very cute

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As a child, this is how I imagined them UwU💕
It's cute!
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"Holy Seacow! That hooligan ran a stop sign!"
- Police officer, "Good 'Ol Whatshisname"
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That looks like a Pokémon! 😊

ich möchte auch eine see kuh ^^

Super PIC!!!!

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That's really creative
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The bigger one reminds me of MoMoo, a fellow sea cow from Oda's One Piece. I love that these two have seaweed and algae growing on their rock like skin. These two are so cute.

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Fun fact: The Afrikaans word for Hippopotamus is "Seekoei"; literally translated to seacow:

See = Sea, Koei = Cow

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