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#2939. Canis Major - Illustration


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Canis Major

Robert Frost

The great Overdog,

That heavenly beast

With a star in one eye,

Gives a leap in the east.

He dances upright

All the way to the west

And never once drops

On his forefeet to rest.

I'm a poor underdog,

But tonight I will bark

With the great Overdog

That romps through the dark.

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The fact that you put out a piece of art of this quality every day will never cease to amaze me!

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Who's a good star-dog? You are, yes you are :D

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stunning! you should do a series of the constellations/zodiacs just because they would be stunning in your art style!

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This is one of your most beautiful work so far.

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As someone who loves astronomy and space, this instantly had my attention and I love it.

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cute. love how he’s glowing! He’s such a good glowy boi!

YurixTheWanderer's avatar

If only we could still see stars at night... Living in big cities makes it impossible.

Stargazzer811's avatar

I live near one of the largest city's in the US and can still see over a dozen stars at night. Its possible, but you gotta live in the suburbs or further out.

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Can you illustrate the rest of the constellations?

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ah i always wanted to go star-gazing

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Ooh... Can you illustrate Felis too ? <3

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So beautiful :D .

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