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#2687. Social Hisstancing - Word Play


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This has to be a social distancing poster.

"sstay one anaconda length apart *shows picture* if SSnakes can do it so can you!

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Witty. I love your art in general. Shared. :)

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They look so precious C:
Reminded me of Rick and Morty, the one of the snake civilization, I really liked the snake civilization.
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The one on the left is me
The one on the right is also me
I am also the cans

Seriously though. Love your art.

this made me straight up W H E E Z E

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Lmao, it looks like that green snake's a metal singer

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Clever and funny!
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BAHAHAHAHAHA I love this so much
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LMAO ! Love it !
Plus, your bush vipers are so cute. Heart  
XLivixal-FantasyX's avatar
L.O.L.!!!~ XD Love Love Love 
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c a n  y o u  h e a r   m e   n o w ?
This comment is brought to you by Verizon (circa the early 2000s).
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LEFT: Yessss!! Hello?
Right: [ H I S S ]
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This is amazing. I absolutely love this concept, especially what's currently going on in this world.
I wonder if Green Snake is asking Red "Hey do you have any tail sanitizer!"  
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Awwh I love this! <3
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