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#2659. African Wild Dog - Illustration

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Cover by Cryptid-Creations 

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The color palette looks amazing and I love the coat pattern. This is super adorable and you have such a delightful style.

EveeLover's avatar
One of my favorite animals
CynicalCoffeesnake's avatar

I love the color palette on this!

outlaw393's avatar
Those are NOT dogs...they are evil creatures...who laugh as they gang up on their next victim.
RockinRedRooster's avatar

This illustration is amazing! African wild dogs are one of my favorite animals. You did a great job showing their grace and beauty.

Emilou1985's avatar

Do you have an art book? Not a "How to Draw" book, but one with your art in it. I want an art book from you.

Cryptid-Creations's avatar

I do, actually! I had an art-book made via KickStarter "Daily Paintings: The Art of Piper Thibodeau" but all the books have since been sold. I may be doing another art book in the future though.

LeviaStar237's avatar
Nicely done! :D Love the details!
MaranweXAlbedo's avatar
I LOVE LOVE LOVE painted dogs! And this is SPLENDID work!!
CatSalinas's avatar
Beautiful work!
BLB-oo's avatar
if they changed their name why not for lycaon? like it is in some countries
bushye's avatar
It looks like a pokemon almost.
ChiaraLily9's avatar
what a lovely portrait
RedPanda-shard's avatar
Singing Pokemon Theme song while looking at this

I'm starting a lyric train

I wanna be the very best,
like no one ever was...
Kyouken0w0's avatar

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Ryou-Kimura's avatar
Tbh, this looks a lot liek a hyena.
Without the title I would have thought it is a hyena.
But reading it..I can see it.
It's still a good illustration though.
worrmm's avatar
honestly i dont really see hyena? lol
like hyenas have small far set rounded ears, a dramatically sloped body and hunched neck, round bellies, ect
Cloecat12's avatar
I've been getting a blank screen when trying to view your recent works as of late. Tried to see this one but it just showed blurry then went blank.
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