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#2549. Snow Angels - Illustration

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You draw the CUTEST bats!
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dis is a reference too... DK: Tropical Freeze, right?...

nonedaless, many coots!~
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I love how content the bat making the snow angel is. The detail of the snow is wonderful.
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Aww, that is soooo cuuute <3
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Bat's great! Bat's very great!
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Anyone else getting Whinnie the Pooh flash backs? No? Just me then
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Mystically Adorable
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Dawwww... Such an adorable piece of art. Especially because of the animals. that's the best part. 

though I think you should have added halos. 
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His poor little feets are too short to make the bottom half tho!

Stay warm my dudes!
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Snow demon or snow devil would be more like it
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This is cute! :D (Big Grin) Heart  I love it
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Thank you for this joy.
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why is your art always super cute and i love it so much it make me feel so warm inside and happy everytime i see one of your works.

thank you for your amazing art

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everything about this warms my heart :3
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This is utterly, totally adorable and lit up my heart! Your work is gorgeous!

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These Snow Angels are coming up to bat <3
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So cute and adorable.  I love it very much.
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