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MTG: Apostle's Blessing

One of 6 cards I had the pleasure of illustrating for Magic the Gathering's lastest expansion: New Phyrexia

You can see all the spoiler cards here at the official site: [link]

Check that spoiler gallery out, INCREDIBLE stuff.

Thank you very much for all the amazing interest and kind compliments, I hope my art continues to earn it.

You can buy a print of Apostle's Blessing here: [link]

Art Direction: Jeremy Jarvis
Copyright Wizards of the Coast LLC
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ur the best artist yet, bro
SoveriegnofTruth's avatar
Who's the guy in the white clothes with blue things on his mask? Also, can I say that no shit, you are the best artist I've ever seen?
Deadfield's avatar
The tiny reliefs in its helmet eye slots are an awesome touch.
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TimberClipse's avatar
Incredible piece! Really great job with this :)
infrared217's avatar
i have this card XD i love this card
iory92's avatar
Spinning Crystal Pixel AMAZING, AWESOME, GREAT, are just a few words that can describe you'r work. Keep Going!!!Spinning Crystal Pixel 
lmayfield's avatar
The bending pages of the book really do it for me. I really love how that connects with me in comparison to what I am used to seeing. 
CarterDoody's avatar
Great work man, and awesome advice on a vid i found by ya on youtube!
bored4ever123's avatar
:D I have your card!
sirfluffum's avatar
Fun card, awesome art. Love seeing it big.
TheComicArtist's avatar
Great art piece..
BGorilla's avatar
realy awesome...Your works are fantastics...!
StephenH-TRIPP's avatar
This is my faviourite card still!
FOTOMASTER03's avatar
maxieskurtylennon's avatar
Has anyone noticed the little elesh on his belt[link]
thesageoffun's avatar
well considering that this is one of my favorite card game ever other is yugioh and well ill say it munchkin is there too but yeah this art is one of the reasons i keep collecting cards to be honest great work i would like to know more of the stories behind the game though it would be nice if they ever come up with a story behind most of the cards captions are nice but the story is what intrigues me behind the most powerful enemies and allies of this game
z-vav's avatar
I got this card in the last booster I have bought last week. :)
Reilune's avatar
Always loved this art. :) Are you doing any for Avacyn Restored?
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