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HALO 3: ODST Commission 1

By Cryptcrawler
Full View please!

1 of 2 comissions I just wrapped up for Bungie for thier new game HALO 3: ODST.
Due to request from Bungie Im not able to display a print resolution image.

I saved WIP process shots for this image which im about to post, I hope you enjoy it!

Thank you very much for coming by my gallery, all the very best to you.
All rights and copyrights to this image are owned by Bungie, do not reproduce or distribute.
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MightyMoose's avatar
strunning detail and sense of movement
Xaniell's avatar
Covenant bowling!
IS that a Warthog killing stuff

or is it driving through a tornado?
PrivateFutterwacking's avatar
ZedEdge's avatar
Dude, it looks great. Seriously, everything is perfect (even the vehicle). And I love those clouds.
KeithSeymour's avatar
Little late to the party.. but this is so great. :) 
ODSTGhost77's avatar
Grunt Spree!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MitzioKurai's avatar
Thats my job to walk on grunts with my warthog listening at the same time WARTHOG SONG
painfulkisses13's avatar
Wow, this is so badass! I have to say you done such an awesome job with this and the details are so very impressive :) I'm a big fan of the Halo series and ODST happens to be my most favourite Halo game ever!
Leonar-Cousland's avatar
Oh yeah...nothing like killing a bunch of Covenant with two ODSTs....and Sgt. Johnson.
basicnato's avatar
i can feel the epicness!
Dmanbossier5599's avatar
Nice one, I love it.
Commander-Fillmore's avatar
Holy crap interesting story dude wait a minute how long have you worked with bungie?
SamSakurai's avatar
Cool story bro! (Not being sarcastic!)
Awesome work!
Unh0lyfurball's avatar
Oh shit....This is freaking awesome artwork!
zaku1986's avatar
This is absolutely badass!!!
LAP-ToxicCat's avatar
Had to fave. It's Halo. You've captured the atmosphere really well!
Woow awesome as hell! Hell yah!
Rakyr's avatar
The driver looks a bit strange, but the warthog is pretty good, especially with the blood stains.
nicely done, I love how u did the spinning wheel effect
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