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Dark Queen Guinevere

One of two pieces I had the privilege of illustrating for Applibot's Legend of the Cryptids online card game.
Really great company to work for, they treated me like gold and gave me a lot of playroom to design with.
Took some guilty pleasure in illustrating something a little more on the adult side as well since I never really get to do it anymore.

Thanks for coming by the gallery and spoiling me rotten with all the kind comments!

Best wishes,

Copyright Applibot

Print available here:…
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that's amazing! Looks a lot like a picture edited.
Daikari's avatar
Truly stunning.
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Totally sexy badass! Drool Love Clap 
japender61's avatar
Ummm...I'm speechless. Can't think of a superlative that does this justice. Whoa!
Becarra's avatar
Very, very nice indeed!
curtsibling's avatar
This is tremendous...Incredible technique, and creation of the perfect fantasy woman...Bravo!
Nimo211184's avatar
Best painter in The world, perfect lights, perfect anatomy, epic textures ....U are The Numbers one
ensoregon's avatar
You are The boss. Thank you for being an inspiration
PacManMonster's avatar
WOW!!! Never seen this before!!!
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Pure Awesome. Inspiring work. :D
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i wonder what she would do if i motor boated her real quick? all joking a side your definitely the elite of digital artist. 
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Hi! This masterpiece! It is possible to make a remake 3D for this remarkable work?
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You really need to spend some time on this art to get past some assets but after that you see more assets, so you keep watching this and time goes by.
And even after that it seems like you didn't saw all the relish :b
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I looked at this & thought it was a photo until I read the description. I am blown away.
Akura123's avatar
she beautiful :) you do wonderful work Queen :) keep it up : D
oh my xD

fitting for Halloween, I think
>Those Metal Panties

rofl at that, must have been a trip to design
YomiJigokuSheng's avatar
this is a fully painted digital painting without any help from photo right? 
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