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DEGENESIS: There IS Always A Price

By Cryptcrawler
Production/Concept Art for SIXMOREVODKA's RPG "DEGENESIS"
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And a Deal to be had.  All your stuff just has such great atmosphere.
Thank you for sharing.
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I thought it was a photo :O
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I thought it was a picture..
Man.. you're crazy! :3
I remember that day when you told me those tips to become a concept artist.. I can now thank you, because they give me what I have now.. I'm happily married and live in a nice flat with my wife and working as a freelancer illustrator for a game company..
Thank you man.. really.. :)
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Brad! You always have such amazing artwork, but so long in between hearing/seeing from you! Is there a place I don't know about that you lurk more often?
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Yes, there is. It is within the shadow of this world; a nighted realm that exists just out of reach of man's senses. So yeah, there and then with the wife and kids and stuff.
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Haha, fair enough! I can't fault you for that at all.
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Your paintings always have a very life-like feel to them. Props to ya. :)
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So real and yet so graphic !
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These are Spitaliers, yes?
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I love your graphics work. More...I want more!
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I am curious. Is there a storyline?
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Impressive work ! :D
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Simply amazing!
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