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DEGENESIS: Biokinetic Storyteller's Screen Art

By Cryptcrawler
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Storyteller's Screen art for the DEGENESIS RPG by SIXMOREVODKA.

It was a total blast and 100% privilege working with Marko Djurdjevic on this bad boy.
The moment I saw this guy in the RPG book I fell in love with him and wanted to draw him.
Never thought I'd actually get to!

Hope you guys like it as much as I did drawing it.
Take care,

Check out products for the game here:…

Most badass trailer for a game ever:…

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I love the flawless realism you've incorporated into this artwork! 
TexMcCranie's avatar
It looks almost real enough to touch.
snoopdoudydog's avatar
wow, amazing and realist work !!!
Pitsh's avatar
it is crazy how one zooms in desperate search of those painterly strokes to find the proof of this being actually painted. Your work is flawless in reaching realism leaving me baffled. I hope you get payed good :) :heart:
GreyAreaRK1's avatar
Great texture - love the carapace details.
xeroks's avatar
stunning concept. Interestingly eyes on the side of the head suggest it's more likely to be prey than predator. Though it's fearsome appearance suggests otherwise.
Gallardose's avatar
amazing lighting!
Fritters56's avatar
AOGRAI's avatar
This SICK kool! Congrats
Santosbzz's avatar
RMTonieta's avatar
Thousand times Awesome!!
Great great great. Cannot say anoymore. :)
ThierryCravatte's avatar
Awesome !!! Fantastic work !
RgDraw's avatar
Awesome work ! :)
Odinoir's avatar
Back with a BANG ! Great work !
yasu0523's avatar
miroslavk82's avatar
Long time You didn't post, Brad. Every time I see Your post it's like a holiday :) Today i was thrilled when i saw your post! Great work, as always!
Arciah's avatar
So sick! Definitely need this one!
Andantonius's avatar
"2D Art"

You misspelled Witchcraft.
studiotou's avatar
damn brad! You are killing it with this one.
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