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This was the Furcadia dream that Epitome (Epidome), Daggoroth, and I (Kono) made for Danival's Winter Festival this past year. Epitome and I collaborated on the map making and emits, I handled compiling the patch and making custom/edited patches, and Daggoroth handled the bulk of the code.

Ultimately, it's a simple, items-only build-a-home dream with a build a bear style toy shop. Once you make your pookie, it can walk around alongside you. Yay, effect pets! I added an empty version of the store shelves to this file, in case you want edit them to hold something besides pookies and accessories.

Custom or Edited Patches Included
Edited Pookie/Santa Paws Items/Effects
Store Shelves
Pookie Building Tables (Default table with ribbons, etc. added)
Pookie Store Sign
Snowflake Floors
Ice Walls

A list of all the downloaded patches used can be found in the credits.txt file included with the dream.
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