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I am finally tired of all this random spam the group is getting recently so I did a little change!
An admin will have to approve of your submissions and you'll only need one to get your submission into the group so no worries!

Now try to keep in mind that we have lives outside the group so don't expect to be automatically accepted just b/c we are voting.

Hey just wanted to let everyone who hasn't heard yet that Cry was just recently in surgery. He's recovering now but because he's a dumb nerd he doesn't have health insurance. His bill is outrageously high and any money donated will help!

Here is the GoFundMe made by Scott:

Help out with the bill if you can. You can also see this as the only chance you'll get to donate to Cry because he's stubborn and wont take donations.  

And go give him warm recovery and birthday wishes on his twitter!:
Hi everyone, Caelum here :iconsupguyplz:
Collaborations are great, and it's an amazing way to improve and get in touch with other great artists in the cryaotic fandom! So this is a journal where it'll make it easier for you to get in contact with other artist so that you can make collaborations!
There won't be a time limit or anything like that, this journal will always be here in case people are looking for others to do collabs with!

What is a collaboration?
A collaboration is a drawing two or more people work together on creating. If you are two people you could split the work up with one of you doing the sketch and lineart and the other doing the colours.

For example:

Crycest Collab with Nadi~ by Caelumish

Here Nadi-chan made the sketch(sorry, I don't have a picture atm!) which we had talked about beforehand so we had agreed on what we wanted to make. When we both thought it was what we wanted, she went on and made the lineart…

Then she send the lineart to me as a .sai file(make sure to agree on what file to save it as, or else there might be problems with coloring the lineart. .png and Photoshop are also a safe pick)

:bulletblue: Colouring
Then I, as the second part, do the colouring and last touch-ups. Then you agree on who posts it, and where you want for it to be posted, and you're all set!
here's how it looks completely finished and up on deviantart

How do I find a partner?
Write in the comments and tell what you're looking for and what you'd like to do! It could be something along this:

:bulletblue:Idea for what I'd like to draw:
:bulletblue:Which part I'd feel most comfortable doing:
:bulletblue:How quickly I'd be able to finish my part:
:bulletblue:Have I done this before? Any examples?:
:bulletblue:Other information:

You can fill out that form if you're completely lost.
Then you can look through the comments and see if there's anyone you'd love to work with! Keep in mind, that some people will decline for different reasons. No need to be sad about it, there will be many others who'd love to do a collab with you! then start talking about what kinda collab you wanna do over notes c:

Where do we submit?
There's been made a new folder for cryaotic collaborations, where you can submit your art. Please only submit your collab once, so that we don't fill each other's inbox!

Is there any other tips for how to make this work?
Make sure you have agreed on the different things beforehand! Send the sketch before you make the lineart, so you can make any changes together. Don't be afraid to ask people! Be nice to each other! Have lots of fun!

There's something I don't understand/ I have a question!
If you have any questions you can either message me (Caelumish) or comment on this journal with your question/problem and I'll reply as quickly as possible!

I hope you will all think about joining this awesome opportunity and make some new friends!! :iconsupguywootplz:




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:trophy: Fanart: masayo11
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:points:  Special Thanks to these people for donating over the years (we love you guys thx for the help):


Special Thanks to CryPlayFan's FIRST member and has been here with us since and hope to continue to have!

:iconb-cakeplz:Happy 4 years to CryPlayFan! Thanks to everyone who is a member & watcher and thank you for all the wonderful art and well written fanfictions!

Cheers to another 5 years! :iconcheers-plz::iconcryplayfan::iconcheers-plz:

Also, if you were not already aware, we have a twitter and will be tweeting important journals so you won't miss any!

Ask question or tell us something! A faster and instant communication in your hands :D
So I have been thinking... I have noticed many of you have missed some journals and thought it would be more convenient if we had a Twitter? So I just made a Twitter account for the group! I will be tweeting any important Journal entries so you won't miss any! Just follow us

Maybe even use the poll system on there for something :)

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