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This Group is for fans of Cry Plays on youtube!
Submit anything to do with Cry such as FanFics and FanArt

Please leave a comment in your join request, even if you only say :iconcryforeverplz:
If you decide to join, you don't HAVE to submit artwork, but do know that you have to be a member in order to participate(submit artwork) in most of the contests/challenges we hold.

:bulletwhite: Our group has an official dA chat room.Unfortunately This chat room is really only used during the weekly Cry Livestreams, and even then usually only by about four people. NEVERTHELESS! It's open for cry enthusiasts practically around the clock, so please stop on by. :bulletwhite:


:bulletwhite: Cry holds a weekly gaming live stream on Saturdays. From 11:00 PM EST to whenever Cry passes out. If the chat there is too lively for your tastes during the stream, feel free to hang out in our official chat room. :bulletwhite:
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:bulletpink:Cry's youtube channel!:bulletpink:

:bulletred:Cry's DeviantArt Profile!:bulletred:

:bulletorange:Cry's LiveStream Channel!:bulletorange:

:bulletyellow:Livestream Timezone Journal:bulletyellow:

:bulletgreen:Cry T-Shirts (Spreadshirt):bulletgreen:

:bulletgreen:Cry T-Shirts (Rodeo Arcade):bulletgreen:

:bulletblue:Cry's Tumblr:bulletblue:

:bulletblack:Cry's Twitter:bulletblack:

:bulletpurple: Hey! Go give Cry a llama! :stareknife: rehost by Acumenous-Ignorance:bulletpurple:

:bulletblack:Cry plz:
:bulletblack:Praise the Sun plz account :iconpraisethesunplz::bulletblack:

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If anyone thinks of anything that they believe should go in this box, send dragonmunchies a comment or note.
If anyone has any complaints about this box, send a comment or note to dragonmunchies
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Gallery Folders

next destination: bootyfruit island by Caelumish
Late Night by o0LokiChan0o
old boi enjoying life by Caelumish
we be sippin' on a lil' clear by Caelumish
cryaotic - what you've done. by BritishMushroom
Cryaotic-Heart by FairyKats
Redraw - Cryoatic and The Soul. by BritishMushroom
Redraw - you thought i was gone? by BritishMushroom
Cry Plays
Detroit: Become Human (Cryaotic Fanart) by TehKawaiiEpicness
Cry Plays: Resident Evil 2(remake) by FairyKats
Cry Plays: Mega Man 11(doodles) by FairyKats
Jonathan by starwarssith
Cosplay: Victubia!Cry by leoninja97
Too Pure by WeabaeCosplay
Cryaotic by WeabaeCosplay
Cryaotic Cosplay by Morinoska
Yes, You May
Happy Birthday CRY
Trouble in Victubia: Mad by Friendsofold
Brithday sup guy by Redrumurder217
Inktober/Egotober Day 18: ...---... by FairyKats
Inktober/Egotober Day 14: Silent Night by FairyKats
Inktober/Egotober Day 15: Amnesia by FairyKats
Inktober/Egotober Day 16: .exe by FairyKats
The Crew
No Tenderness by NaGa-Senpai
|| Happy Halloween from the LNC! || by TehKawaiiEpicness
Inktober/Egotober Day 31: Happy Halloween by FairyKats
Inktober/Egotober Day 13: Scarecrow by FairyKats
Cryaotic Confessions

Mature Content

Cry Reading 50 Shades of Grey by KawaiiLittleAngel
Cryaotic Confession #179 by CryaoticConfessions
You Had to be There
Cry and Angel~ Raft (Twitch) by DaringTiger
Snake Oil Shenangians by leoninja97
Bloody Gary by leoninja97
Enderall Shenanigans by leoninja97
Inktober/Egotober Day 23: Anxiety by FairyKats
Puppies for Cry
Okami Cryaterasu by Sutexii
Pewdiecry by Drawn-Mario
Plush Contest 2016
Higabana from Onmyoji by Meryosie
Fanart Contest 2015
Time always passes by o0LokiChan0o
Cosplay Contest 2015
Cry during the 4th. by ljn369
CPF Contest 2013

Mature Content

Cry on Vacation Contest 2012
Cry`s Vacation by Mademoiselle-Moder
Red's VGPC 2012
Cry's Bad Fur Day by Michiyo-Kumiko
Christmas Contest 2011
dance dance holiday cry by tirsden
Youtubers Unusual Colour by ms-wabbit
Channel BG
chaoticmonki youtube background by darndragon
Cry and Pot

Mature Content

.Cry. by Digitalbeats




☆Hello to the fan group of Cry☆

"One man's journey from the lonely road of cowardice to the path of *Man'dom!" -Cry

Both Are Legit

P.S. -We are not Cry...

Selling Cry Related Merchandise

:iconsupguywootplz:As for selling things related with Cry, do not worry! Cry said it was ok to sell something with a sup guy on it in such. Cry's permission HERE.

Late Night FAQ --->…

Journal Fee

:points: Want to inform the group of your greatness? Well, we accept points to help promote your Cry merch, Cry stores and projects! But wait, we also help promote open commissions, and other activities that are not Cry related! So please, share with us and support the group, maybe make new friends on the way, and donate some points.

:bulletblue: Please refer to this journal -> HERE :bulletblue:


:bulletyellow:Your submissions must be of Cry being the majority/main focus of the piece (art work & written) and or his Crew (unless it is a group then it must be of equal focus).

:bulletorange:For fanfic writers, please list the appropriate rating, any pairings and other warnings at the beginning of your story.

:bulletred:Will not accept submissions (art work & written) if the only indication of Cry is in your description.

:bulletred:Will not accept personal journals

:bulletred:You will be blocked if spamming or simply trying to submit un-related Cry artwork to this group. This is only for people who submit into this group b/c of our member and watcher count. And are obviously not a fan of Cry or even know who he is.

The reasons your work is put into which folder is below:


:bulletblue:"Cry Plays" is for fanart related to Cry's Lets Plays

:bulletblack:"Cry and Pot" artwork of only game character/a cry with pot

:bulletblue:"Puppies for Cry" for pictures of cute dogs for Cry

:bulletblack:"MISC." is for artworks that doesn't have any relationship with Cry Plays and simply don't really know how to label them ^^; but you know it has a Cry in it :heart:

:bulletblue:"Happy Birthday" Your B-day drawings for Cry & the Crew's B-Day go here

:bulletblack:"The Crew" folder is for the rest of Cry's gang goes here! The Crew includes: Russ, Scott, and Snake:heart:

:bulletblue:"CRY" folder: if you just drew Cry (sup guy) nor matter what he looks goes here. This folder is for JUST Cry alone.

:bulletblack:"PewDieCry" self explanatory

:bulletblue:"You Had to be There" Related to Cry's livestreams and sometimes Cry Plays jokes but you know Cry fans will understand it even if it doesn't have a Cry or the Crew in it.

:bulletblack:"I AM CRY" Cry cos-play only



DragonsPainter has a SupGuy plush pattern for sale! The pattern is pay what you want. You can choose to pay 5 bucks, 20 bucks, or free!

(For contest details see below this section)

Cryaotic Sup Guy plush pattern by DragonsPainter Cryaotic Sup Guy plush pattern by DragonsPainter Cryaotic Sup Guy plush pattern by DragonsPainter Cryaotic Sup Guy plush pattern by DragonsPainter Cryaotic Sup Guy plush pattern by DragonsPainter

"Ever wanted your own sup guy? Great! Don’t know what a Sup Guy is? Quite frankly neither do I. All we know for a fact is they were first discovered in the wild by the YouTuber Cryaotic.

There are two versions of the pattern; Standing and sitting. Get them both instantly due to the power of the internet!

❖ Standing plush pattern includes 4 sizes (Ranging from pocket sized to snuggling size) With a fully colored tutorial. I slaved over that tutorial so you better like it.

:bulletblue: Size micro: Feel the need to be surrounded by tiny things? Because I sure do.
:bulletblue: Size small: Pocket sized for your convenience and your pocket. I use mine for a pincushion.
:bulletblue: Size medium: A lot like porridge. And by that I mean it’s nether too big nor too small, but juuuust right. Not that it’s made of mushy oats.
:bulletblue: Size large: Perfect for cuddling. Seriously. Highly recommended for avid creepypasta fans.

❖ Sitting plush pattern comes in the same 4 sizes but sitting! Cant choose which one to get? Great because you get both of them! Make one for your friends, family, or even your dog. Fun for the whole fanbase!

Difficulty level: You totally got this. I believe in you."

ALL initial proceeds will go to A New Beginning Animal Rescue (ANBAR for short) in need of emergency cash to help one of the kittens named KC who needs specialized emergency surgery to help him pee.

To Buy the pattern visit:…


DragonsPainter is also holding their own contest to get better pictures of Sup Guy plushies made by their pattern!

PRIZE: 1 plush of each type and available sizes (Small, medium, large, and micro) & $50

DUE: September 16th

:bulletorange: RULES

✮ MUST be a Sup Guy from using DragonsPainter's pattern
✮ Please submit to the group folder Plush Contest
✮ By entering this contest you agree to post at least one picture of your new sup guy
✮ Due to not wanting to go broke on shipping you have to live in the United States. I know this sucks but shipping is expensive yo.
✮ If your under 18 we suggest asking permission from your parents before potentially giving your address out to strangers on the internet.
✮ If you win you have to take at least one picture of your prizes.

:bulletyellow: Guidelines

✤ Pictures with pets or small children will get bonus points. What do these points mean? No one knows.
✤ Anyone can participate. Professional, amateur, any age.
✤ You can post as many photos as you want, but do try to keep it to your best.
✤ You can post the pictures on DeviantArt, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr, Reddit, or anywhere really. Just make sure to link me somehow so I can find them.
✤ If you win, please inform DragonsPainter if you want a sitting or standing plush. If you don’t tell DragonsPainter your preference you will get a standing one by default.

:bulletred: Important

☀ The idea behind this contest is so DragonsPainter can get some better pictures to show off these sup guys. As such, by entering this contest, you also agree DragonsPainter can use your pictures. Don’t worry you will be credited.

For more Info: :thumb632802009:
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