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10 years
10 fuckin years
Nov 1st 2020 is our goodbye

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2011 - Hello Again and Goodbye at last
Our Last Works 2020


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2011 - Hello Again and Goodbye at last
Our Last Works 2020
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Many of us are still grieving and it might take sometime to fully feel comfortable to move on so I've thought of something. As more and more is being revealed on his behavior I've been drawing Cryaotic again but in a more... emotional sense... so why not say goodbye to the one who betrayed our trust in more ways than one. Let's say goodbye to this groomer; this abuser.
I have opened one folder that anyone can submit into:
In this folder I would like your emotions.
I want your:
I want your:
Traditional arts
2D & 3D
Stories (long or short)
Poems & lyrics
I'm a heavy supporter of letting things out because it does truly help us. Even if making an art work makes us cry, at least we are not holding back. We deserve to express ourselves and set our minds and emotions free. A distraction can only go so far until we get overwhelmed and that's not healthy. Also our works might help others who are struggling to express themselves at the moment.
We all grieve differently and I'm choosing to do it this way and you are welcome to join me.
The Feature folder will remain open until Oct. 31st 2020 CST because I still plan to continue to close the group on Nov. 1st 2020 CST. Hopefully we can fully grieve by then, if not, please continue to express it even when this group doesn't exist anymore -your emotions still do. You are important.
So let's say goodbye together,
zanezell155 founder of CryPlayFan
Today I watched The Video and today I decided it was time to move on and away from Cry. And yes, it does hurt knowing someone like Cry has done what he has done and yes, it is disappointing how much faith I put in him -on him in being a good person from the start. Today I will grieve what he use to be for me and all of us.
Like so many it started in 2011 and like so many of us it was a rough year.
It all started in 2011 when "Let's Players" were becoming more and more of a thing
In 2011 I craved for something other than 2011
In 2011 I found Cry
In 2011 I needed Cry
In 2011 In 2011 In 2011
In 2011 I found Cry and watched every video to catch up with everything I missed of anything he was saying. I became a fan instantly. I drew art instantly and I created this very group on November 1st 2011 for just me and my fan art.
I even meet wonderful people who were fans, to were I wish I was a better person who could keep up with people and keep our friendship alive, and showed them this deviantart fan group. It then became the place for fans to thrive and gush over him. He even visited and if we were lucky, he even commented. It was another time.
2011 didn't seem so bad.
In 2011 or was it 2012? This group even gave me an opportunity to briefly chat with him and or get a quick message from him. I even got to say hello to Red and Russ when Cry talked about our group that one time when he mentioned a "private groupchat" within this page.
In 2011 or was it 2012? My memory has never been good when it comes to certain dates and or time but yeah, there was a segment where he would let fans Skype call during "Late Night With Cry and Russ". Some became regulars and now knowing what I know... He LET them be regulars. He continued to talk to them. He let many stay. He wanted them to stay. Needed them to stay. And NOW all I can think of is while enjoying my fan group, while enjoying his content, while working with him a few times he was doing THAT.
I am here at a lost but I know I'll be ok because unlike many and yet so like many.
I loved Cry when I was an adult and I'll move on like one. This fan group hasn't been super active in years so it's not that bad. I mostly kept it to continue to show support but also I made this fan page mostly JUST FOR ME and let others join because why not, it's a fan page after all. I didn't even try to tell or brag to Cry about this page. He found out.
All these years since 2011 I was a fan and now 2020 I am no longer
Today I grieve a happiness I once had
And on November 1st 2020 I will bury the memory
I made this fan group without telling him.
And I will close it without telling him
Closing a group after 10 years keeping an eye on it simply because I was a fan.
What a bitch knowing it was a waste of time.
Hello again CryPlayFan and Goodbye at last
Loved the idea of you
Hate the reality of you,
zanezell155 founder of CryPlayFan
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beaverknightkappa Featured By Owner Sep 18, 2020
I am so heartbroken that this was the real face of cry... oh the memories...
alexisonxanax Featured By Owner Sep 14, 2020  New Deviant
Ryan Terry will forever be a depraved & disgraceful piece of shit. I regret wasting hours of my childhood/adolescent years staying up late at night, being entertained by this creep's videos. Sickens me to realize that in reality he's a cold, calculating monster that wore a friendly, unsuspecting mask for so long. He betrayed everyone; and for that, I hope we all get to see his mugshot soon enough.
UberRoss Featured By Owner Jul 19, 2020  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Fuck Cry.
purplecookiedoe Featured By Owner Jun 29, 2020  Hobbyist General Artist
I was a fan of Cry since early 2012 and became a member on here. But 9 years later I'm deleting every Cry work I've made tomorrow. He was a part of my childhood, he will NOT be a part of my adulthood. Thank you Zane for running this group, I'm sorry it has to end this way. I will stay following until Nov 1st to say goodbye.
MrGasser95 Featured By Owner Edited Sep 13, 2019
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