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There is No Forever

I see her in my dreams, and she's even more beautiful than my disappearing memories of her. I wake up, expecting her to be there, but my heart breaks as I realize she is just a dream. It's a brief moment of sadness...but I'm used to it. I stumble out of bed to my eisel, and begin painting my dream on canvas, before her face fades from my mind.


I've always wanted to do a classical piece that resembled the Masters from the Renaissance - Michelangelo, DaVinci, and Rafael. Their work is simply amazing to me, and even though I dabble in dark art a lot of the time, my true passion will always be colorful images of love, passion, and romance (it's just hard to do those when there is no love in your life :-P).

Like the masters who were experts in sculpture and painting...I think it's vital for an artist to try new things...even if you don't have the knowledge to make it happen on the first try. Use lots of colors. Explore different themes, subjects, and influences. Just love art for what it is, and not the recognition you receive from it.


Thanks to ~dysthought for an absolutely stunning stock photo: [link]

Also thank you to Temabina stock for some awesome textures, especially the painted ones.

Clouds from sxc and other awesome background textures from resurgere. (I prefer working with textures as opposed to brushes...they give you so much more power and originality)
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C'est belle. Je n'ai jamais vu un tel beau morceau. Les colours, le filer, et le style sont magnifique. Il émet beaucoup de passion. Bien fait.
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this is a true masterpiece..and thr weird part is that she looks like me..
atleast thats what my friends say so
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I dont know how to say this..but,she has my face..i feel like im looking at myself..
I love this piece..
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This is soooo beautiful! I love it! :love:
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i absolutely love her!
Cool! Excellent work! Teach me to do so, or give PSD this file please. My e-mail
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simply stunning. It reminds me vaguely of Queen Amidala
x faved!
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Stellar work!! sooo beautiful beyond words.
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So very beautiful and I love the details and color :)
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this beautiful work of art was featured here: [link]
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woah...all i can say is woah! can you teach me how to do that...sorry request from a total stranger, but i love it that much!
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Bare back. :)

I really really love the different colors and textures.. And that dark corner
Love how her innocent dress turns into cooler shades at the bottom.
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amazingly colorful!
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Beautiful. Reminds me of Padme in Epi. 2.
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Incredibly beautiful, I love it.
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this is beautiful...
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This is absolutly stunning, the colors and the stock image work so well with the textures. Great work!
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She's absolutely stunning
Words cannot describe
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oh! the colours are so awesome!
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oh i love it sooo much love the color how did you do it?
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