Cherry Trees...

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I couldn't stop the chipmunk from eating them . . . I should probably invest in some rat electrocution gizmos.

Oh well. I'm almost done a new piece of artwork, and . . . does anyone ever read these things?
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I just did , too.  
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Yay! I have four-ish readers! :dummy:
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Stay well! Unfortunately i rarely surf through journals.:D (Big Grin) 
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I just did, haha.

Hope you get that chipmunk affair fixed. I think they're cute, but not when they're eating your trees D:
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They're not eating the trees, technically. Just the cherries. :noes:

I wouldn't mind if they ate a few, but the problem is they have a voracious appetite and they start eating them before they're even near ripening, and keep going 'till there's none left. :sad:
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I dooo! Sometimes xD
Cherry trees are really beautiful, too bad with the chipmunks :/
Good luck with the trees and your art :D
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Thank you! :dummy:

Yeah, I had a good crop on them too. Well there's always next year.
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once in a blue moon when I get internet and am on here i read them :)

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I do when I'm on deviantart. :P
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