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Hooray! A new picture! :squee:

I'm especially happy with how the leaves turned out. I made a pair of simple brushes to hammer out the shape, then inked around it.
Unfortunately I have yet to find a style of cloud in black-and-white that matches the rest of it. So I may give up on them until I color the pictures. If I ever do. :shifty:

:star: Toll's U-Turn :star:
Toll's U-Turn is one of the less visited areas of the Widdershins, mainly because people can't find it. Even if they stay on the road and are armed with a map, compass, and detailed instructions few people make the trip successfully (not even the official sign painter managed).

Toll's Tower, seen in the bottom left, is number fourteen of the Seven Wonders of the Widdershins. It is still unknown if it was intended as a miniature or if the architect mistook feet for inches.

Rotated 90 Degrees: [link]
Rotated 180 Degrees: [link]
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Trippy. Dope style.
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WOW that is so cool.

If you color this Picture it'll be awesome! :happybounce: 

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Yeah, I've been meaning to try it some time. :D
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I'm looking forward Tard Jig 
Very inspiring - I like the rotate views
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I know.. They just wouldn't behave themselves. :grump:
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Thank you! :boogie:

Haven't heard from you in a while.
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Haha yeah, been tryin to keep busy :P
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