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The Stones of Wa

A long overdue illustration! :happybounce:

I was planning on coloring it as well, but honestly I enjoyed the line work more. So instead I am going to do another one! (Probably)

:star: The Stones of Wa :star:
Deep in the mountain ranges of the Widdershins stand the Stones of Wa. So named because when the wind hits them just right they make a low, loud, and rumbling 'Waaaaaaa' noise. The largest one in the middle has has a glowing rock floating in his mouth and is largely believed to purge you of any bad luck if you stub your toe on it (the harder the better).
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a very nice illustration, but since it's colorless, it doesn't give (on my opinion) a good representation on what you want to show. For example: i can't understand if the territory is split in 2 by a river or by clouds, since if it were a river his origin apparently are the clouds of the background, it's kinda hard to tell :)
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It's clouds. I'll try a different style of them in my next one.
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wow, very cool!