Lemons and Catnip

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   There once was a house, off in the hills,
In there lived a crone who loved to cause ills.

   The old hag cried aloud: "Soon they will see!!"
While she stirred a pot and cackled with glee.
   She used spells and poisons, frogs and curses,
Lemons and catnip and alligator purses!
   She seemingly used what she had on hand,
Even pork and beans! Both fresh and canned..

   She uttered some nonsense and maybe a noun,
Then at that moment her door was kicked down!
   Heroes from all over! Both brave and bold!
All gallant and strong! Or.. So we are told..

   They hauled her off for a trial in the city,
This cackling hag, this wizen old biddy.
   Ten years, less a day! For all that's malign.
She was sentenced for the act of brewing ... moonshine!?

   Back at her house, it was all but a mess,
The pot was overturned and empty no less!

   With claw marks all 'round and tracks to the door,
Signs of a creature that weren't there before.
   Was it a ghoul or zombie or lawyer? Nay!
Something TRULY vile was born on that day.

   So if lemons and catnip you smell on 'The Route',
Remember this story and try not to shout,
   For this is a warning, we need not be sibyls
To know of the signs: 'Here come The Fribbles!'
Originally a standalone poem that had nothing to do with my current project. Then I reworked it as a beginning to a much much longer poem (that I quite liked, but never finished).

Anyways, I reworked it a bit more and it is now one of the vignettes used to flesh out the world I am working on.

Written in-universe by a wizard who is known for two things: His insufferable rhyming and illustrious beard (which is the envy of many of his peers).

It is the (speculated) origins of the dreaded Fribbles, whose name is the subject of other texts.
© 2011 - 2021 CryoSphinx
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Funny. Unique. Spot on rhythm. Excellent vocabulary and word choice. All in all, very impressive.
Leguim-May's avatar
This is quite good. Both funny and well written.
CryoSphinx's avatar
Thank you. :hooray: That's always nice to hear.