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Another illustration, which I may or may not add color to in the future. :boogie:

I couldn't decide on a background, so instead of doing something hardheartedly I figured I'd leave it empty for now.

:star: The Crossroads! :star:
A fairly common sight in the Widdershins, with all of its ever-changing roads and paths.

This one in particular branches out towards the Mountain of Wa! with all of its famous landmarks. The Cloud Road, which is a very scenic route if you can walk on clouds. The Town of Rocks, that lives up to its name (as opposed to the Town of Dirt, which is just shameless misadvertising). The Short Way, which will take you everywhere more quickly than any other road, just not where you want to go most of the time. And finally, the land of Air, which has ... a lot of it now that the islands and roads have crumbled.
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wow thats amazing. i love the signs~
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Thank you!

The signs are my favorite part of the picture. :D
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they are awesome :3
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i can figure this on clouds, it would be more awesome than it already is :D
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Thanks :D

I was originally planning on having it in the clouds with either more islands or a mountain range in the background (or both), but I couldn't come up with a good cloud style. (I wasn't satisfied with the clouds on the previous picture :( )