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Winter Solstice

This is :iconkaleena01: as a dragon based on the description she gave of herself for a contest to see who could portray her as a dragon best. This version is for the second part of the contest were we had to combine all the features she liked most, from certain entries. The head, paws, and the way she changes color with the season, came from my first concept.[link](the description still applies) The wings,(being a very important feature as well) and the way they cross over the chest was from :iconamairin:'s entry here [link] The leafy fathers on the end of the tail was from :iconilovedragons1: entry here [link] The glowing marks concept was :iconinfernalevanesce:'s here [link] And the twigs on the legs and fur on the feet was :iconnippon-okami:'s concept here [link] Also the big spikes on the tail was someone else idea but that person removed theirs so i don't know who's it is. I made a few new changes to this one too. Like with the forked tail, feathers on the butt, and the fur on the feet glowing, also the more feline shaped body, were all new ideas i added to this redo of her dragonsona. I used a black, blue, and purple pen also a white gel pen and markers and white acrylic paint pen to color it. In this pic, she has her winter colors.
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You did a wonderful job. All that detail really adds to the piece even though is takes a long time and a lot of skill to do. You should be proud of this piece
all is so beautiful :D
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This looks so hard to do.
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this is really amazing :D the colors are perfect together and the purple moon are just beautiful with the adorable dragon :D
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beautiful!!!! I love it! I love the colours
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It is so beautiful. So so beautiful.
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Thank you very much!:)
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awesome artwork
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Stunning work, truly. Way to put all that detail together and have it come together to pull off a phenomenal composition! :D Thank you so much for sharing, and I hope you win, haha! :love:
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Oh, i did, this pic is a bit older,i was just updating it. And that you very much!:D
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This is freaking awesome. Well done! :la:
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awesome job my friend
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I like this dragon's design! Well done! She's sooo cute...! :love:
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wow great job as always :) i love it
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Always and Forever my friend :iconnomglompplz:
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