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Silver Dragon

Edit entry 2-21-2012: I cleaned up this pic and updated it.:)

Another lovely pen drawing of my dragons for U to enjoy!
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so beautiful! <3
wing-winged's avatar
Spiky Silver Dragon :)
GDraconiaTitan's avatar
Your dragons are unique designed :) Very spikey and wild looking ^^
jojoisnutty's avatar
I love the colours, how did you do it? Awesome muscle structure. Wings too small to fly, though
CryoftheBeast's avatar
Thanks, but not everyone cares about being anatomically correct.
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SoraMystic's avatar
beautiful colors~!
Ariik-Lazarus's avatar
I want. O.o Soo bad. XD
IdraxW's avatar
I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Gamerdragon1992's avatar
Amazing dragon and great design^^
Phantasiea's avatar
I am seriously loving this dragon! It's purely beautiful, and it's wings and tail is just amazing. The colours just step out and compliment eachother so well. :D
YamiShadowZero's avatar
It's AWSOME!!!! I love the colors!
CryoftheBeast's avatar
Thankies! I'm updating a lot of my old pics cause the scans were bad or they were just to smudgy.:)
YamiShadowZero's avatar
No prob! Cool, can't wait to see 'em!
MrE380's avatar
i want it lol
CryoftheBeast's avatar
Don't think you can catch her, she's really fast.:XD:
MrE380's avatar
oh its a girl^^"
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