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something's gone horribly wrong sorry all commissions and trades are closed now

i'm not quitting i'll probably still make and post art and buy commissions and ychs

please, don't idolize me. i want to be a person too.

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i'm not attention seeking. i'm doing this becausw i can't stand attention anymore

i recall you makin a post about taking a break from art trades- but would you like to do one again when youre ready? ^^ take all the time you need and we can do one in the future!

sure!! my memory sucks so you may have to ask again when i'm actively taking them but i'm definitely open to it

okay! is it okay if you sent me the character youd like me to draw in DM chat? i can get a head start and you can take all the time you need on my part until then ^^

ahhh i'd rather not since i only want to once i'm ready to do trades x_x sorry!!

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Would you like to do an art trade?

sure!! who should i draw?