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Human Teeth Necklace

My first jewellery commission. :D
Used Sculpey Premo Translucent, acrylic paints, varnish.
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Very good work. Can't believe you used sculpey, looks brilliant.
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thank you! :) Sculpey is surprisingly good for organic stuff.
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Oo wow, they look pretty real....skillz! The translucency really works for this...
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those look so real its scary
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I wasnt actually 100% happy with the level of realism achieved XD; next time i'll make the indistinguishable :9
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perhaps a bit of whitening but otherwise they're spot on
I'll be wearing this with pride :D
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Nice, almost an entire jaw there. I like how realistic it looks, must have took a while painting each just so.
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Actually putting those things onto the lace took longer than painting and varnishing them XD Thanks!
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I think I'm going to have to start making charms again.
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Wow! They look so real! Wonderful job!
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The way you've aged the teeth is fantastic. once again, great job on the details.

Are the teeth secured in place in anyway?
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Thanks :) Yeah, the holes were just the right size, so they hold on to the lace very tight and don't slide. Was a pain to actually get the onto the lace though :)
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фууу ХДДД
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totally bad-ass. I love the aged looking details.
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Awesomely done, but also kinda freaky details xD
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Thanks! I was asked to make them all decayed. I actually googled rotting teeth for reference, but I reaaaly wish I wouldn't, I didn't make them half as bad as they actually were in real life :/
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Well, first, i'll see if i have any eye bleach left over, and secondly, you did a really amazing job, even if they aren't as badly decayed as they could be..
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